Oral Health Tips for Senior Citizens

Oral Health Tips for Senior Citizens

Regular dental checkups

Regular dental checkups and ensuring healthy gums are an essential part of your oral health. In case you are not able to effectively get rid of the bacteria (also known as the plaque) from teeth, it might cause tooth decay and sore gums. At times, the infection might even have a negative impact on your bone. In case you see your gums bleeding while brushing your teeth, a dental checkup is recommended. Also feel free to discuss with your dentist about any other oral issues you might be having like bad breath or loose teeth since these could also be the potential indications of a gum disorder.

Avoid foods that are too hard to eat

In order to make sure your teeth stay in the best shapepossible even in your older age, avoid intake of hard foods or chewing ice.Both these things might create affect the enamel & might even result inbroken teeth. If you’ve got a habit of grinding your teeth while you’re asleep,your dentist might suggest you preventive measures like using a night guard. To enroll in a 2019 medicare advantage plan visit https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org


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Tooth decay, gum issues, worn enamel may all increase the sensitivity of your teeth, and you might experience pain while doing regular stuff like eating, brushing your, drinking items that are too cold or hot. Also, you can ask your dentist to suggest you a good toothpaste which can help minimize the problem.

Avoid foods that are acidic in nature

Restrict the consumption of acidic foodstuffs that may degrade your enamel including citrus juices and fruits, foods containing starch or sugar and fizzy drinks. In case you would like to eat them anyway, consider having cheese or milk which can help neutralize the effect. Also, try to add starchy or sugary foodstuffs during your meal times & not as snacks.

Dry Mouth

Issues like dry mouth might be caused due to the side effects of certain medicines. In case your physician suggests that you need to continue with these medicines anyway, try drinking lots of water. Chewing gums along with products that help create artificial saliva might also help.

Oral Cancer examination

Medicare does pay for annual medical checkups which can help you identify deadly diseases like oral cancer while it might still be in initial stages. If you would like to cover your total costs of these checkups along with out of pocket costs, we suggest you check out Medicare supplement plans.